Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Diversity of Asia

The diversity of Asia
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Tropical jungles, island safaris, Indian elephant rides with Maharajahs, malay wedding banquets, Borneo Head hunters, City scape Metropolis, Shopper Paradise, Chinese Walls n whispers, Dessert outbacks, Mongolian tribes, Tibetan monks, Bhutanese Rinpoches, Vietnamese hill tribes, Burmese clans, Maldivian reef sharks, Kalimantan volacanoes, Calcutta slums, Ayurvedic hills, Osaka Bullet express trains, Kobe Beef n Karaoke, White Beaches of Borcay, Komodo dragons,Trail riding with Sultans and princesses, Jamming with Japanese Geisha girls, trekking with traders from tianjin. Where would you begin............................. ? start with

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