Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Asia's first medical spa : The Med Spa at Camden Medical Centre.

Asia's first medical spa

Have you ever been to a spa and been freaked out by dirty finger nails, bad hygiene and turned up with more acne, rashes and skin break outs ?

Well I have. And it taught me a lesson or two. When dealing with the body, mind and soulful things, only go for the best, or pay for the error with your own face...! But true to form, I only list the good things here. So this one is a must !( Don't worry, I'll have a list soon enough of the places NOT TO GO. That list is VERY LONG! )

The MedSpa is in a league of its own. Perhaps its the attention to the details, from the finishing of the interiors to the lush padded sound proof rooms, and the clean linens, impeccably designed environment for "the five senses"....... you can rest assured you are in good hands. The treatments ranging from treating Teenage acne ( SG$120 ) to Stimushape, aka Radio frequency Infra-Red Endermologie ( SG$900 ) , are developed specifically by qualified plastic surgeons and dermatologists. But before you go into a seizure from the wide ranging price tag, might I suggest you give this little gem a try.

I can't speak for all the treatments as there are over 20 treatments, as I only had a "UltrasonoPeel Microdermabrasion" trial, and the entire experience felt safe. Yes, I mean safe ! I have been in far worse situations where the "skin" and "spa" treatments have been worse than jumping into a pile of gargabe face first. And this is the polar opposite ! I call it the "Giorgio Armani" of Skin treatments. This experience will set the standard for you. And hopefully save you from the trauma I once had from "trial and major errors" of believing that MOST spas and "beauticians" are made equal. If you are a virgin or seasoned connossiuer of spa and wellness centres, give this one a try. If only once, coz I am positive, that with the founders close to the business, and the heart of the operations run by good people,
this one will grow into a gem of a beauty hub, or remain a luxurious well kept secret by discerning men and women. So get in there soon, before the waiting list gets longer than the line for Tetsuya's Restaurant.

And if you have any feedback, I'd love to hear from you. Be it good bad and Ugly, the world needs more gems, so we can grow the good stuff.

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