Thursday, September 16, 2004

Travel Times from USA

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Travel to asia is becoming increasing affordable. For Airfares and routing check with your trip advisor or log onto Airfares ranging from US$800 to US$2,000 for a return ticket. Estimated flight time range from 18-25 hours from the USA to Singapore, or 13-17hr from Europe to Singapore. Just lie back, watch a good movie, fall asleep, wake up to a fresh criossant breakfast and presto! You would have arrived. Less than a decade ago, it used to cost over US$2,000 for an economy ticket for a travel ticket to the asia pacific. And travel times often involved uncomfortable waiting times in less than desirable airports from the point of departure, en route an at the destination. A quarter century ago, travelers took weeks to cross the atlantic. Travel,is a gift from our forefathers and ancestors. From the courage to venture from the likes of Christopher Columbus, the nomadic life of Genghis Khan, the wealth of discoveries of Marco Polo to the envoys of the admiral cheng Ho, the freedom to travel and explore and make new discoveries ................ stay tuned !


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