Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sutera harbour looks to rock the Mountains

Kota Kinabalu. Population :
Seafront : Protected Alcove, close to mountain regions.

Kinabalu Park And Mt Kinabalu
the journey by road to the Kinabalu Park takes some 11 and half hours. It is a natural haven for a variety of plant and animal species and a must for nature lovers. The mighty Mount Kinabalu at 4095.2 meters is within the park. This is the biggest tourist attraction in Sabah, luring flocks of mountaineers to scale to the summit. There is a thermal —pool system at Poring Hot Springs to offer a Japanese- style hot spring bath in the open air.

Kota Kinabalu
The State capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu has a population of 300,000. The town was built from the ruins of the Second World War.

Located on the southeast coast of Sabah, Semporna is the jumping-off point for Pulau Sipadan, a diving paradise, and Pulau Gaya, the island where Sabah pearls are cultured.

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