Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Good, good mid week afternoon to you.

Time flies, and soon we will welcome the Yuletide Christmas season and then into 2007 !

So much have happened on the travel front.

1. The ongoing reports on a massive avian flu outbreak if left unchecked. Please be cautious as you travel. Try best not to visit live farming areas.

2. The recent discovery and prevention of the disastrous planned bombing of flights, London across the Atlantic is such a good and relieved news. Please bear with the extra security checks across most airports, baggages, hand carrys and more. We have got news that the airlines security taxes will increase very shortly. And this adds another burden to the total travel costs, its already high and bad enough !. We issued several round the world tickets with airline taxes of almost S$1000. Its just madness !!! Unheard of in yesteryears. If you are unsure of what you can/cannot carry on board, please call us anytime.

3. Year end is coming. Planning for your year end vacation ? Please email/call us early for advance flight reservations/accommodation.

4. We know your most preferred inflight seatings, your special meal requests. If there is any change, please let us know. Its not just reservations and ticket issuance. Its about a great total travel experience, comfort, delight, etc, that we want to see in our serving you..

5. And finally, the new Bangkok International Airport due to open on 3rd week September. I was privileged (special private arrangements) to be driven to the new airport last week. Ohhh, its massive, big, kind of a giant !

I enclosed some basic notes on the new airport. I udnerstand they are now working hard on the baggage system. Remember, Hongkong Airport, the many issues on the baggages when it first opened.

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

The new airport will be opened officially on the 28th of September. The Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra re-affirmed his commitment that all flights will move to the new airport on the 28th of September.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is located around approximately 40 minutes drive South East from the current Bangkok Don Muang International Airport. It is build on 3100 hectares of land in the Samut Prakarn province which you may know is where the famous crocodile farm is located. The main access road is an elevated 10 lane highway which is connected to the outer ring road network and also directiy connects to the Bangkok – Chonburi (Pattaya) motorway. Pattaya is now around a 1 hour and twenty minute drive.
Rail Network - Under construction is the new 26.6 kilometer high speed rail link from the airport to City Airport Terminal in Makkasan. Its planned completion date is November 2007. The City Airport Terminal network is connected to BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) Sukhumvit Line and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Blue Line at Phaya Thai and Phetchaburi stations respectively. The total journey will take approximately 15 minutes.

So much for now. We are both thankful and grateful for your kind and extraordinary support to our travel services all these many many years. Please continue to keep the reservations coming in. Or you may know of any medium size company, institution, individuals, others, who prefer a small and personalised travel agent. please put us in touch. Thank you and cheers.

1. Please call our mobile 81634544 if you are unable to reach us via the office telephone.

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